I was diagnosed with Alopecia in November of 2010. I found two round bald spots on my head when I was pinning my hair up for a wedding. As a hairstylist, I wondered what I had done wrong and why I had these bald spots. I hit GOOGLE for answers; finding out it was Alopecia, which was later confirmed by my doctor. I was completely devastated. I was under such a great deal of stress as I was getting married in the Bahamas in three months!

By January of 2011, after months of hiding bald spots, I realized that I was going to have to resort to a wig if I wanted hair at my wedding. This was something I was extremely unprepared for; I could not even imagine the process of “wig shopping.” Thankfully my older sister helped me with the dreaded process. She was exploring all avenues, researching for a full eight hours contacting people as far as California. We started with local companies, as I was nervous about ordering hair I couldn’t try on first.

After a few visits to local hair replacement salons, I was extremely discouraged. I could not seem to find anything that was comfortable or looked like me. Finally, she got a response that stood out from the rest, it was DK International. She was so impressed that after talking to DK; she went ahead and sent them pictures so they knew what my hair looked like before falling out. To say I was hesitant was an understatement; however my sister was persistent, so we went.

The day I went to DK International changed my life. Instantly I felt welcome, comfortable and for the first time since my diagnosis, hopeful. I was finally working with people that understood exactly what I was going through. They had already ordered several wigs specifically for me and had them ready for me to try on at my first visit there. We were able to go through them one by one while discussing MY feelings. I ended up finding one that looked exactly like me! Although I had just met the staff at DK International, I felt like I had all my best friends with me. Every day since, I am beyond thankful for this experience. I have continued to go to DK for services and additional wigs.

I continue to deal with Alopecia daily, but instead of this auto-immune disorder controlling my emotions, as it once had, it has given me lifelong friendships and motivation to reach out to anyone that is experiencing a situation such as mine. If I can give anyone advice it would be to visit DK International.”

Bethany Straub

Client of DK International

At the age of three I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease that affects hair growth throughout my body.

My goal is for everyone with hair loss to be comfortable, confident and live the life they want with out worrying about their hair. I have found a way to make a difference everyday; I now manage DK International, a full service hair replacement center in Chanhassen, MN. Our main goal at DK is to provide healthy, natural hair alternatives to men and women experiencing hair loss.

I have spent my entire life living with hair loss. Today I am nearly 60% bald and wear a full cap wig. Through my journey with hair loss, I have found peace and self acceptance… this is what I want to share with you.

As a previous client of DK, our solutions changed my life and I am confident that they will do the same for you.

Woman – Thinning Hair Client Testimonial

“My introduction to Michelle and DK International has been life changing. I have always had thin hair and been unhappy with my hair for as long as I can remember. The owner of a new salon referred me to DK International. He thought DK would offer a solution to my thinning hair other than a wig. I met Michelle and she introduced the Micro Point link solution to thinning hair. She told me that she would be attaching 4 strands of hair to each 1 of mine. The process has been such a miracle. I have had the volume-enhancing sessions for l8 months. Everyone compliments me on my new hair style but no one can tell that I have this amazing system of extensions that increases the density of my hair. My hair was becoming so thin in the front that people would stare at my hair line instead of making eye contact. With the new extensions, I have so much more confidence in all that I do. The employees at DK are friendly, accommodating and sympathetic to the needs of their clients. As my needs change, recommendations have already been made for a more extensive solution to my thinning hair. I will be a lifelong client.” – Shelley KemnitzTwin Cities Resident

Thinning Hair Client Testimonial

“My personal story began with a gradual thinning of my hair over a period of 30 years. As a result, I always wore my hair extremely short, and had the premature grey strands/roots highlighted or tinted. My hair loss was caused by a hereditary condition and subsequently worsened due to my prescription heart medication that had the potential for hair loss side effects. My hairdresser expressed some concern, and had the courage to ask if I would like to try some extensions to enhance my hair. He explained that other clients with the same problem had been very pleased with the results. He would give me the referral if I wanted to proceed. I decided that I had nothing to lose, and hair to gain!

“My first appointment was a free one hour consultation. I discovered that my additional Cyberhair would look and feel just like my own hair. I could wash it, swim with it, color it and it would remain styled for me! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to begin.

“My experience with the staff at DK International has been the best. I want to share this information so that others can receive the help I did. It is such a joy to have friends say “You look great, I don’t know what it is… but you look great” or “Your hair is wonderful, I love what you are doing now!”. My new hair gives me confidence. I used to be embarrassed when I was going to functions or events. I had no idea help like this was available, or I would have started long ago. We all want to look and feel our best, and now, those of us who have this problem, CAN!” – Twin Cities Resident

Male Pattern Hair Loss Client Testimonial

“Over 35 years ago, I began losing my hair. I was in my early thirties with thinning hair, and I wasn’t happy about it. Like many other young men, my appearance was important to me – both personally and professionally. Frankly, unlike today, a shaved head wasn’t the look many sought. And rather than wait until I was nearly bald, I decided to begin wearing hair while I still had some hair.

“I explored several vendors, but chose DK International for a number of reasons. Our local Better Business Bureau had no complaints on file, it wasn’t a club as others offered, the facility was near my home, and its hours fit my work schedule. Best of all, I was assured that if for any reason I didn’t like the hairpiece once it was fitted to me, I had no financial obligation. So I had nothing to lose but more time and hair.

“Everyone at DK has been pleasant, friendly, helpful, and, above all, professional – from the receptionist to the stylist to the manager who handled the initial consultation and sale, and subsequent managers since then. While customer oriented, it must be a great place to work, as during my 35 years with DK, I have had only three stylists who make me look better. Over the years, not only has the service continued to be excellent, but the product has improved significantly. It’s easy to care for, and looks great.

Recently, the son-in -law, of my close friend, underwent brain surgery. His surgery left him with an exposed area of scalp that contained no hair. I had no reservations in recommending that he contact DK to explore his hair replacement options. I took the opportunity to show him what DK has provided for me in replacing my hair loss. This young man was the first person, other than my wife and my DK stylist, to see my bare scalp. He’s been a customer of DK’s ever since. I’d recommend DK to anyone who is experiencing hair loss for any reason.” – Neal FrankMinneapolis, Minnesota Resident

Hodgkin Lymphoma Client Testimonial

“Shortly after a “routine” mammogram and ultrasound, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma called Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant. At the time of diagnosis, I was a healthy 36 year old woman. The news was a total shock. Life as I knew it was put on hold as I tried to get my arms around this disease and my treatment plan which consisted of chemotherapy and radiation.

“I was aware of the potential side effects of chemo and was told that I would lose my hair. I dismissed what an impact the hair loss would have on me, until it happened. A few weeks after I started chemotherapy, I returned home from a walk, took off my baseball cap and ran my fingers through my hair. In my hand was a large clump of hair I began to cry. The loss of my hair would now identify me as being “sick”, a condition I did not want others to see.

“With encouragement from my family and friends, I decided it was to time to obtain a wig. I visited DK International with my mother. From the moment I walked through the door, I was treated with respect and dignity. The staff listened to my needs and helped me find a solution that suited me. After I chose my wig, I was able to have it highlighted, cut, and styled to match my natural hair. All of these services were provided at the DK salon and performed in a private room. The outcome was amazing! I have received numerous compliments on my hair from both friends as well as strangers.

“I am forever grateful to the staff at DK International for making my hair loss less traumatic and for helping me feel more like myself when everything else, in my life, seemed out of my control.” – LisaTwin Cities Resident

Chemotherapy Client Testimonial

“I was a very healthy 43 year old woman when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. While recovering from a double mastectomy, I was dreadfully waiting for my chemotherapy to begin as my nurse said, “you will lose all your hair”. I think I knew that was a potential side effect from chemo, yet I hoped it wouldn’t happen to me. I was in denial. I had curly, long blonde hair and I was very afraid of losing it.

“With the encouragement of my family and friends, I decided to look into getting a wig and proactively shave my head. With my mom, my sister and my dear friend at my side, I went to DK for a free consultation. The DK staff was very professional and sensitive to my situation. As we sat in a private room, they listened to my concerns and used their expertise to “fit my needs”. Once the wig arrived, the staff at DK trimmed and styled the wig to my liking and then taught me how to care for it.

“Of course my nurse was correct. On the 14th day following my first chemo treatment, I returned home from a walk, took my hat off and ran my fingers thru my hair. My hair began to fall out. The DK staff had previously arranged to be available to shave my head that day. Even though there were many tears, The DK staff somehow continued to make my hair loss experience less traumatic.

“DK then encouraged me to try their Hair Support product. They taught me the importance of washing and conditioning my bald head throughout my chemo treatments. I continued to wash and condition my scalp through the re-growth of my hair as well. I believe that this regimen of washing and conditioning throughout my treatment and hair re-growth helped my hair to grow back fairly quickly.

“It is amazing how a woman’s identity can feel lost as cancer takes her breast(s) and hair. Yet, I will always be grateful for the staff at DK who assisted me when everything else in my life seemed out of control. Each step of my journey they expressed their care and concern for my sickness and recovery. I was treated with the utmost respect and dignity at each one of my encounters with their staff. I am now a two year survivor and have referred other cancer patients to DK for wig and hair support products.” – KN, Twin Cities Resident

Alopecia Areata Client Testimonial

Alopecia Areata Client”As a parent, I have always wanted to protect my children. When my daughter, Rose, was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata I realized a parent’s ability to protect is limited. Rose’s diagnosis came at the age of two with a small patch of hair loss on her scalp. By the age of six she was completely bald. The loss of her hair was devastating to me and my husband yet Rose, who is resilient, was hardly fazed by the event. We found over the years that if we educated others on her condition and surrounded ourselves with those who support us, Rose would manage her condition with grace.

“We found the support that we were looking for when we met the staff at DK International. We had never been faced with pursuing hair replacement in the past and the staff at DK embraced our inexperience and walked us through the process with a tremendous amount of encouragement and empathy. We were educated on the benefits of wearing different hair types such as human hair, synthetic hair or Cyberhair. Once we chose the wig that was best suited for our daughter, the staff was able to cut and style the wig, in a private room, at the salon. We were grateful for the efficiency, privacy and professionalism that had been offered to us at DK International.

“Over the past five years, we have returned to DK International for additional hair purchases and would not consider going anywhere else for service. Hair is a personal and private part of each of us and we feel that DK International is able to provide for us an experienced staff that has been working with hair replacement for over 35 years. The salon environment is private and comfortable, making the overall experience a delightful one. We are forever grateful to the staff at DK for embracing our daughter Rose, for treating her with dignity and respect and for helping us through a challenging adjustment in her life.” – Mimi GallagherMaple Grove, MN