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Our commitment is to provide the very best hair solutions. We tailor to individual needs and expertly customize to ensure optimal, exceed-expectation results. We pride ourselves on friendly, genuine, professional support and education within a warm, welcoming, and comfortably discrete environment.

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Any hair loss can be an emotional experience. Here at Salon DK, we understand the challenges. We offer personal, compassionate, confidential, and expert assistance at our full-service hair loss salon. We have several cutting-edge hair replacement procedures that allow people to maintain their appearance, self-confidence, happiness, and self-esteem. Our hair solutions are the latest innovations on the market, and our clients are thrilled by the natural-looking, individualized work we do. We are the leading provider of hair replacement solutions in Minneapolis, MN. Come and see! 


From the comfort of your home! Our EXT Extreme Hair Therapy is a professional kit with products and resources to maximize hair strength and regrowth.


Hair systems are revolutionary products that cover sparse or bald sections of the scalp with new hair. Our solutions are quick, with immediate results after your first styling appointment!


These are not the wigs of the past! Supremely natural, in countless styles, colors, lengths - we have the best inventory in a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. Check out our high-end brands.

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