EXT Extreme Hair Therapy®

Our EXT Extreme Hair Therapy is a comprehensive at-home product kit — designed to maximize your results. This easy-to-follow treatment can help regrow your hair and reduce further loss while adding volume and shine. EXT is ideal for those who desire fuller hair and are in the initial stages of hair loss.

EXT is simple to use! The process seamlessly works into your daily routine. Haircuts and styling are perfect to pair with your monthly EXT kit. The best part? There are no physician-endorsed drugs or painful procedures. It’s simply you — reclaiming the hair you love.

We highly recommend pairing EXT with one of our laser devices. Salon DK offers LaserBand, LaserComb, and Capillus® lasers. Laser Therapy is proven to help regrow your hair and is available for at-home use. It’s quick, convenient, and effortless to incorporate into your weekly routine.