When we cut down on how often we wash and dry our hair, we prevent damage and preserve hair quality. Here are some hairstyles you can try that don’t require you to use heat.


  1. Twisted Half Up, Half Down: Go ahead and take advantage of the soft frizz-free under layers of your hair (natural or a hair solution), by pulling your hair back partially. Do a half up, half down look toshow off your length and keep the fuss to a minimum.
  1. Barrette Pinned Side Part: Another fuss-free look — just add a little something special by using your favorite barrettes to complement your look of the day. Pull back one side of your hair with your beautiful barrette.
  1. Silk headband: Choose your favorite silk headband for an easy go-to, hassle-free do.


  1. Braided Low Ponytail: If you like your hair in a ponytail, try a low pony with a braid. This soft style is easy and works well for hair that has gone a few days without a wash.
  1. Natural Curls: Try natural curls by letting your hair air dry. Once your hair is almost completely dry add a mousse to enhance the curls and calm any frizz.


  1. Space Buns: Any style that pulls your hair back gives you some wiggle room and doesn’t require heat. If you’re up for it, try space buns!! A double bun will keep you cool.


  1. Wavy Hair From Twists:After washing your hair, section your hair and twist. Allow your hair to air dry. At the end, apply a dab of hair oil to prevent frizz and flyaways.
  1. Wavy Hair From Braids: Choose how loose or tight you want your wave and braid your wet, clean hair accordingly. Sleep on it and wake up to your waves!
  1. Wavy Hair From Buns: Again depending on the amount of wave you want, select how many buns. For a curlier wavy look, go for more buns. For a wavy look, go for one or two buns. Sleep on your buns and wake to your look!
  1. The Low Bun: The Librarian low bun is an easy, hassle and heat-free professional look.

Give yourself, and your hair a break by trying a few of these heatless hairstyles.


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