4 Steps To Getting Any Celebrity’s Look


4 Steps to Getting Any Celebrity’s Look

It feels like practically everyone admires celebrities! Most of us have a favorite — wouldn’t it be cool if you could get their look, too? You can — by following these four steps!


  1. Research

If the aesthetic of a specific celeb is what you’re after, then it’s time to do your research. What are the parameters of this person’s wardrobe? Sift through pictures of them on Google and list any trends that stand out to you. Do they wear a lot of florals? Maybe some bold color choices? Do they have a signature lip color? Find out as much as you can about this celebrity’s style and take plenty of notes!


  1. Work With What You’ve Got

Now that you’ve figured out the ins and outs of the style you’re trying to emulate, it’s time to see what you already have that fits the bill. Go through your clothing, shoes, and other accessories to find anything similar enough to what you need to get the look.


  1. Shop Their Brand

Does the celebrity whose look you’re going for have their own clothing company? Great — buy a few select pieces from their line to capture their vibe. If not, see what brands they usually wear and try to snag a few essential articles to round out your collection.


  1. Copy Their Hair and Makeup

Celebrities tend to have a signature look — remember the Jennifer Aniston haircut? Or Macklemore? Browse the web for pictures of your favorite celeb’s go-to makeup and hairstyles and recreate what you can!

How’s that for simple? Who is your favorite celebrity, and how would you achieve their look? We want to know — tell us in the comments section below!

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