Signs of Hormonal Hair Loss



Hair loss can be a frightening experience! The average person loses somewhere between 50 and 150 strands of hair a day, though, so how can you tell if the ones on your pillow are from normal shedding or a symptom of something more serious? Let’s find out.


Gradual Thinning of Hair On the Whole Scalp

Hormonal hair loss affects all the follicles in your body. If you’re experiencing a general thinning of hair across the whole head, that’s a sign it could be related to your body chemistry.

Sudden Loss of Hair in Patches

While a gradual thinning might be hard to notice right away, a sudden loss of hair in large clumps or patches is super alarming when it happens — making it a hard to miss sign of hormonal hair loss.

Loss of Hair Along the Whole Body

As we already mentioned, hormonal hair loss affects all the hair follicles in your body! That means if you’ve noticed your arm or leg hair getting thinner lately, you might be experiencing hormonal hair loss.

Weakened Hair

Does your hair break easily or feel brittle? Do you have patches of hair that always seem to be damaged no matter what you do? That could be another sign of hormonal hair loss as the imbalance of body chemicals can weaken the follicles and lead to weaker hair production.



Have you noticed any of these symptoms in yourself? Don’t worry — there are some effective treatment options available to combat hormonal hair loss. Getting adequate nutrition and rest is an important step towards providing your follicles some much needed nutrients to keep growing. Washes, masks, and leave-in conditioners are coming to market that encourage hair growth and may stimulate your cells to grow again.


Do you experience hormonal hair loss? Let us know how it affects your life in the comments!

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